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About Lukkari

Lukkari is a schedule tool for students studying at the University of Oulu.

What can you do with Lukkari?

You can add instruction and exam times and places from Oodi to your own electronic calendar.

Add courses and exams to Lukkari calendar from your OodiPSP structure or by using a search function. If instruction times overlap, Lukkari checks and informs about it. Private calendar markings can also be added.

Lukkari has automatic notifications which will notify you when registration period for a course in your calendar starts, or if there have been changes to instruction times. Cancelled teaching times appear as strikethgrough.

New feature 13.9.2013: Changes in teaching times and places are made automatically to Lukkari calendar. An asterisk (*) will be shown in front of the changed information.

As a student you can send your Lukkari schedule to your PSP Advisor for comments. It is also possible to export calendar markings to other, e.g. mobile calendars, by using iCalendar export.

Students use paju account to log in.

Help us develop Lukkari

Lukkari is still under development. Please help us!

If you find errors using Lukkari, take down the time, possible error notification and information that helps us repeat the situation and email all the information to Lukkari helpdesk: lukkari(at)

You can also send us development ideas. However, in this stage the emphasis is on correcting errors.

Helpdesk: lukkari(at) Register description (in Finnish)